Our Products

Provides Innovation, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Integration and O&M for hydrogen production systems, using water electrolysis

H2B2 in a nutshell

Global technology company, operating on the hydrogen energy sector by means of water electrolysis, offering a vertical integration and handling the whole hydrogen vale chain by strong R&D&I investments.

Develops comprehensive solutions for both conventional (manufacturing, supply and O&M, with in-house technology) and integrated projects (fully promoted by the company), on 100s MW scale, from its production to its supply, incorporating transport and commercialization of renewable hydrogen for its different usages: industry, transportation, residential and energy storage.

Hydrogen production plants

Strong engineering capabilities to develop full turnkey solutions for 10s and 100s MW-scale hydrogen production plants based on water electrolysis.

Capability to develop both modular and skid-mounted solutions, to cope with different upscaling strategies.

Providing O&M associated services: Remote support, preventive maintenance.

Focused also on direct Promotion, Finance seeking and Project development, commercializing the green molecule.



Providing Innovation, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Integration and O&M for modular hydrogen production systems.

Three different scales, to handle a wide applications portfolio: small, medium and MW-scale electrolyzer units.

Hydrogen refueling stations

Providing Sizing, Design, Engineering, Integration and O&M for Ad Hoc comprehensive solutions to refuel different types of vehicles.

Capability to develop both modular and stationary concepts, to cope with different needs and development stages.

Hydrogen refueling stations